Marc Gallagher – Syncopation Station (15 Euro)

Marc Gallagher is a versatile ukulelist from England. With a background in piano, guitar and Ed Sheeran, Marc has impressed in English, German and Austrian Ukulele Festival stages. Expect emotional self-penned songs, virtuosic strumming and a larger-than-life stage energy.

Polish your strum patterns! Marc will explore the intricacies of off-beat strumming, looking at the theory behind your inner groove. Together we will learn strum patterns for Reggae, Samba and Rock, and you shall be able to work out and create whatever strumming patterns you wish!

Liam Capper-Starr – Shapes (15 Euro)

Liam began playing the ukulele after falling out of love with his 15 year on/off guitar relationship. He composes both instrumentals and songs, which tend to be in a style less expected on the ukulele.

This workshop focuses on expanding your playing beyond the first 4 frets. By using the idea of shapes, instead of chords, you’ll realise there’s a world of opportunity further up the neck. Barre chords will no longer be quite so frightening and you’ll learn how to throw your chord book away forever! AIMED AT ESTABLISHED BEGINNERS/INTERMEDIATES WHO CAN PLAY Bb, BUT HAVEN’T YET VENTURED OUT BEYOND THERE MUCH

Claus Freudenstein – Ukulele Bass (15 Euro)

Charlotte Pelgen – The Magic of Roy Smeck (15 Euro)