Line Up

Dani & Liam

Both ukulele artists in their own right Dani (Mersey Belles) and Liam (UKE Magazines nominee for album of the year 2016) have finally joined musical forces. They’ll give you lyrical Originals and wonderful covers.

Samuel – der Ukulelenprediger

Samuel rocked the open mic stage last year, which gave him a local fanbase. He’s his own category; a mix of ukepunk, performance art and circus. High-energy and just absolutely fantastic!

Charlotte & Elisabeth

Charlotte Pelgen and Elisabeth Pfeiffer present old and new chansons by Georg Kreisler, Jacques Brel, Rainer Bielfeld and others. These songs and their funny, sad or philosophical lyrics are often somewhat neglected when choosing repertoire for the stage. But where would they be a better fit than at a Ukulele Festival? Charlotte’s unique voice and Elisabeth’s ukulele arrangements let these gems shine in a new light.

Tubadu Banda

Tubadu Banda from Italy will bring you energetic Ukulele Ska. They’re a fantastic band consisting of vocals, trombone, uke-bass and drums. They’ll absolutely rock the stage!